Episode 04. New Orleans

“After Katrina”

Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated communities across New Orleans, forcing out residents like Myra Bercy. But Bercy returned to rebuild the city, in part because there’s no place like home—especially if you want hometown cooking. She wasn’t a restaurant owner before Katrina, but she wanted to make sure that after Katrina, New Orleans was still a place where you could find “that authentic Creole taste.”

Chip Apperson is one of the new people who came to New Orleans after Katrina. But he’s also got an interest in serving local food. He and Myra both opened their restaurants on Freret Street, and business is booming. The restaurant scene on Freret Street is driving the revitalization of the neighborhood, and with a mix of new and old, black and white, rich and poor, I wanted to see if this was a model neighborhood for revitalization—a place where diverse residents can live, work and eat—after Katrina.


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