What I Learned From Crowdfunding

It’s more difficult than you think. And that’s coming from someone who met her goal.

$5,000 may not seem like a lot in the investment world, but for a first time fundraiser, it was daunting. I was one of those kids who shied away from the annual school wrapping paper fundraiser because I didn’t like asking for money. The idea of crowdfunding terrified me, almost to the point where I didn’t pursue my project.

So when I got up the courage to do it, and reached the point where I was happy with my pitch story and video, I studied up on crowdfunding. I read all of the advice columns from people who had successfully met their goals, and tried to follow Indiegogo’s best practice tips for running a solid campaign. Some of the advice worked, others didn’t. Here’s what I learned: Continue reading “What I Learned From Crowdfunding”