The Great American Cooking Story

Episode 06. Washington, D.C. - A restaurant-bar where everybody knows your name might just be the secret to D.C.'s gentrification problems.
Episode 05. Atlanta - Locally sourced food and revitalization is bringing new life to Atlanta's historic Old Fourth Ward.
Episode 04. New Orleans - The story of two restaurants rebuilding one neighborhood by dishing up New Orleans cuisine after Katrina.
My Video and Audio Equipment - What I used in the field to film my documentary series.
What’s Going On In San Antonio? - "We are the East Side." Links to great journalism about the federal grants going to San Antonio's revitalization, and updates from David and Shane on what's changed since I filmed there.
Episode 03. San Antonio - How federal dollars are impacting neighborhood revitalization--and the struggle of two chefs to bring good food to a community.
Episode 02. Austin - A look at two different stages of revitalization in two Austin neighborhoods through the food trucks who call them home.
Episode 01. Los Angeles - Los Angeles’s Chinatown is experiencing a food revolution...and it's not Chinese. Watch the first episode of The Great American Cooking Story now.
Watch the Series Teaser Trailer - See the one-minute preview of The Great American Cooking Story!
Episodes Beginning Dec. 2 - Episodes start Wednesday, Dec. 2. Stay tuned.


© Clara Ritger 2015 – The Great American Cooking Story is solely owned and operated by Clara Ritger. Stay tuned for season two!

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